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System Upgrades and Options
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Color Downspout Upgrade - $199.00

This option integrates the look of your radon mitigation system by replacing the standard 4” pvc discharge stack with attractive aluminum downspout. We offer this option in a variety of colors to that coordinate with the existing gutters on most homes

Garage Attic Upgrade - $279.00

This option ensures that the radon mitigation system is almost completely hidden. In most cases, an interior system begins in the basement, comes into the garage and is routed through the garage attic. The mitigation fan is mounted in the attic area the system vents through the roof of the garage.

FanMax Upgrade – $195.00

Upgrading your system from the standard fan to the FANMAX fan increases the power of your system from 175 cubic feet/minute (CFM) to 650 CFM. The FANMAX fan is always recommended for homes with higher levels of radon or where multiple collection points are required.

Second Collection Point – $149.00

Adding a second collection point to your radon mitigation system will increase tbe negative pressure field under the home and create a larger drawing area. This option is highly recommended in conjunciton with a FANMAX if radon levels are high and for older homes.

Safety Options

Radon Level Monitor - $149.00

This device, designed for homeowner use, allows the homeowner to monitor post-mitigation radon levels. It is equipted with an ionization sensor and an audible alarm. Both short-term and long term radon levels are displayed after 48 hours. Monitor beeps hourly if long-term radon levels are 4pCi/L or higher.

Low Voltage Radon System Alarm - $119.00

Alarm mounts to the system and provides constant monitoring of vacuum pressure. Audible alarm and red and green LED lights are factory preset to indicate low vacuum pressure and/or low voltage.

Battery Powered Air Flow Alarm - $99.00

This airflow monitor mounts directly onto the system pipe to alert users of low to no flow condition. An audible buzzer alternates with a bright flashing red LED light when there is now air flow in the pipe.
Alarms DO NOT measure radon levels